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AME/WIM is the official professional organization for women pursuing excellence in ministry in the African Methodist Episcopal (AME) Church and is the prophetic voice for parity and justice through advocacy and activism for women in ministry.  


The 11th Episcopal District of the AME WIM serves the entire State of Florida and the Bahamas. AME/WIM serves, encourages, and supports the work of women in Christian ministry.  Elected by its active women in ministry; an Executive Board  provides leadership at each level (Episcopal District, Annual Conference and Presiding Elder District).  


The mission of the AME/WIM is to define, enhance, support, and expand the presence of women in ministry in leadership in the African Methodist Episcopal (AME) Church.  


  •  We recognize and support the work of women in ministry as an essential part of the leadership of the AME Church and seek to;

  • Raise the consciousness of the AME Church on issues important to women.

  • Address and eradicate sexism in the AME Church.

  • Work to expand leadership opportunities for women in ministry in the AME Church.

  • Support women in the pastoral ministry.

  • Support women in specialized ministries including but not limited to: chaplaincy, writing, teaching, counseling, research, prison, youth, geriatric, singles, street, health care, family/life relations, music, homeless, HIV/AIDS and religious education ministries.

Membership Details

Membership in AME/WIM means joining your voice with the prophetic voice of others in the African Methodist Episcopal Church in pursuit of parity, justice, and equity for AME clergywomen. By lending your name, offering your support, and sharing your energy, you allow us to continue standing at forefront of change. Your membership in AME/WIM reflects your desire to ensure that AME Clergy Women have advocates of justice, access to resources, and voices affirming their gifts and call in the AME Church. 


AME/WIM is working to intentionally partner with others in the AME Church, including our brothers in ministry and the laity of our church; and appreciate their advocacy, and support of the mission and purpose of AME/WIM. We, AME/WIM, continue our commitment to sharing the “herstories” of AME Women as we work with and support the laity who train, encourage, motivate and educate the laity of the church and instill a love for, and an appreciation of, the history, traditions, principles, and development of African Methodism. 


Why AME/WIM? AME/WIM is committed to achieving full equality for women through access to resources, advocating for clergywomen, and affirming the call of women in the AME Church. We invite and welcome you to become a part of herstory as a Full Member, Local Member, Advisory Member, Student/Licentiate Member, or Associate Member (Partner).


  • Full Membership: for clergywomen ordained to the itinerant ministry. Full members are eligible to vote and to hold most offices in AME/WIM. 

  • Local Membership: for women ordained to the local ministry, licensed evangelists and licensed exhorters. Local members are eligible to vote and to hold some offices. 

  • Advisory Membership: for superannuates who have retired from active service in the itinerant or local Pastoral ministry of the AME Church. Advisory members shall be eligible to vote but not to hold office.

  • Student/Licentiate Membership: for women enrolled in an institution of higher education on a full-time basis and/or women licensed to preach and preparing for ordination. Licentiates are not eligible to vote or hold office except on the Campus Ministry level. Ordained Clergy, who pay the student membership rate are eligible to vote. 

  • Associate Membership (Partners) is open to male clergy and all Laity. AME/WIM fully understands that ministry is a collaborative effort, and we desire to foster and strengthen relationships with people and auxiliaries that assist in furthering the cause of Christ and the objectives of AME/WIM. We celebrate and welcome the gifts of our brothers and lay. 

  • Associate Members are not eligible to vote or to hold office. However, Associate Members are welcomed and encouraged to attend meetings, WIM services, events, and activities; and especially our Quadrennial Conference. 


Dues are paid annually and membership is available on multiple levels including the Presiding Elder District, Annual Conference, Episcopal District, and Connectional levels. Please contact your Conference Treasurer for more information.

*** Membership ***

Multiple levels of membership are available through AMEWIM and membership is open to women and men; lay and clergy.

Membership dues can now be paid online.

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